Monday, April 12, 2010

Marissa's New Adventure

So April 5Th Marissa got something that she has been so excited about. BRACES! Why was she so excited, you ask? Well all her friends were getting them and she really wanted the colors and all the "FUN" that goes with having braces. The pictures don't lie she just smiled about it. Until afterwards... They hurt mom, I can't eat mom... Why do they hurt so bad. Well it is helping move your teeth so they are totally straight. Oh the tears that came once reality set it. She is doing much better it has been a whole week. She can even play the Clarinet and Sax with them on her teeth. Something she was really worried about! I am just so excited to have insurance that pays most of the cost for her straight teeth. And she still has a beautiful smile even with the metal track in her mouth.

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Camryn said...

WOW! Your kids are getting sooooo big!! I can't believe Marissa is almost 13 and Wyatt is 11! Seriously! Our family needs to see you guys more! Can we say BBQ this summer?!

Sorry about Wyatt. THAT looks SO painful. Poor little guy. :(