Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh my gosh it has been 6 MONTHS!!! Where does the time go... Well summer was busy but not with fun travels. Just crazy kids stuff. We started the summer with Wyatt going on his first Scout Camp experience. I was so excited that his dad was able to take the week off and go with him since they don't let moms tag along... They went to Idaho to Camp Barlett. He had so much fun!!! He still talks about it. He went the third week in June. He experienced lots of changes to the weather up there. It rained, was hot, hailed and they also woke up the one morning to SNOW!!! He really did have a blast.
He was home for one week and then off to Clear Creek Camp! gone another week away from mom that was hard. My son is growing up fast and I can't get him to slow down. After a week of him being home Marissa was off to Girls Camp! it really was nice having everyother week with only one child. Because there was NO fighting or competing at all! And I got some good one on one time with my kids. The rest of the summer was Scouts, Young Womens and me working. We did take the kids to Lagoon one week before school started. This year we finally got Wyatt to go on Wicked! thanks to his friend Tucker. They shook on it that he promised he would go and Wyatt kept his word. I was very proud of him. Marissa took her friend Lauren. Lauren had NEVER been to an amusement park so it was fun to see her experience the rides for the first time also. Marissa was also trying to go to as many Temples as she could to do Baptism's she really had a blast. We included one picture at the new Draper Temple. It was a beautiful day. First time I had done baptism's in 20 years!!! What a wonderful experience with my beautiful daughter. I really can't wait until we can go with Wyatt also in 4 months. Well that is our summer in a nut shell! I will update even more soon I promise!


Becky said...

I was starting to think you would never blog again. I'm glad to hear you had a great summer. It is weird when your busy because your kids are busy. It isn't about us anymore! Keep posting!

The Hovers said...

It was fun to read and see some pics! I feel like I never talk to you anymore... oh wait! We really don't! So blog more sista! :)