Thursday, September 4, 2014

Man it has been a while!

Well it is interesting how fast time flies by and you just look back and wonder how it can go so fast. When I pulled up our blog to see if it still existed I was surprised it was still here. Things have changed a ton since I did this blog 3 years ago. The kids just went back to school and Marissa is now a Senior!!! That is crazy to me since I feel like I was just a senior at Mtn. View. My baby is now a sophomore and so with both kids in High School it is crazy. Just a little about the kids: Marissa is not very fond of school but does well. She is on the Varsity Ballroom team, does Irish Dance and also plays Volleyball. She loves to Wakeboard, tube, and chill with her friends Wyatt is on the JV Ballroom team and was a little nervous for High School but is enjoying the fun classes he has. He is also a HUGE scouter! He loves the outdoors and loves to wake surf, kneeboard, long board, and bike About us: Alton started a new job in May and LOVES it! He graduated the HVAC program in August and is really glad to be away from Praxair after working there for 18 years. He is also an Assistant Scoutmaster and enjoys scouting and helping the boys. As for me I got my new job in Feb. 2012 at Morinda and I LOVE IT!!! I work in Training and Development, I am over 3 teams trainings as well as SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I couldn't work for a better company! I work with amazing people and love all the things the company does for us. Well there is an update! I really should keep this updated more because it is fun to look back at the things we have been doing and remember those great times.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I just had my 20 year class reunion and it was actually REALLY fun! I was so nervous to go since Alton was out of town and I didn't really want to go by myself. I called my good friend Janice and she went with me. She graduated the year before and I am so glad she went. I hope she wasn't too bored and had fun. I was amazed at how many people I talked to. This picture is of all of us that were there that went to Cherry Hill Elementary! I have known these people for SOOO many years. We were missing a few people but it was so great to see everyone.

I totally loved being able to catch up with everyone that I haven't seen in many years. What a great night! I will update more later but wanted to post this great picture.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What a great day. Marissa had her first Parade performance. She started taking Irish Dance about 5 months ago and has LOVED every minute of it. We can't get the smile off her face when she is at dance. She has WONDERFUL teachers and is really enjoying learning new dances. She is just one dance away from starting hard shoe which she is a bit nervous about. She has watched the riverdance and sees how fast people move their feet and she is like really they think I can do that! She learns really fast so it will be fun to watch. Alton and I walked behind the dance troop so that no little kids got lost. It was fun Alton was in his Kilt and EVERYONE loved his walking stick with the boot on the bottom. We really had a blast this day. More pictures and updated info to come. The other pictures are from the Play Beauty and the Beast. Marissa was in this as a one of the napkins from the be our guest part and also a villager from the gaston song. She had a blast but personally I am glad it is done as it is EXTREMELY time consuming! It was great to go watch her a few times and really was a great experience for her.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Marissa and I went on an adventure one day. We went to Bridal Veil Falls. It was great because we hiked up to be right under the bottom of the waterfall. Marissa had never done that before and it was really fun to watch the fearless one climb and want to KEEP climbing once we were up there. I remember doing that many times when I was hanging out with my best friend Becky in High School... What great memories.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I wanted to add a few more pictures. They are from some summer adventures we really had some fun this summer. First picture is Wyatt's scout troop at Camp Bartlett, The second it Marissa on top of the rock she climbed up, the third and a HUGE thank you to Uncle Paul Wyatt holding a rooster... Yes Uncle Paul taught him how to catch them... He wanted to bring him home, mom said NO WAY!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh my gosh it has been 6 MONTHS!!! Where does the time go... Well summer was busy but not with fun travels. Just crazy kids stuff. We started the summer with Wyatt going on his first Scout Camp experience. I was so excited that his dad was able to take the week off and go with him since they don't let moms tag along... They went to Idaho to Camp Barlett. He had so much fun!!! He still talks about it. He went the third week in June. He experienced lots of changes to the weather up there. It rained, was hot, hailed and they also woke up the one morning to SNOW!!! He really did have a blast.
He was home for one week and then off to Clear Creek Camp! gone another week away from mom that was hard. My son is growing up fast and I can't get him to slow down. After a week of him being home Marissa was off to Girls Camp! it really was nice having everyother week with only one child. Because there was NO fighting or competing at all! And I got some good one on one time with my kids. The rest of the summer was Scouts, Young Womens and me working. We did take the kids to Lagoon one week before school started. This year we finally got Wyatt to go on Wicked! thanks to his friend Tucker. They shook on it that he promised he would go and Wyatt kept his word. I was very proud of him. Marissa took her friend Lauren. Lauren had NEVER been to an amusement park so it was fun to see her experience the rides for the first time also. Marissa was also trying to go to as many Temples as she could to do Baptism's she really had a blast. We included one picture at the new Draper Temple. It was a beautiful day. First time I had done baptism's in 20 years!!! What a wonderful experience with my beautiful daughter. I really can't wait until we can go with Wyatt also in 4 months. Well that is our summer in a nut shell! I will update even more soon I promise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Marissa's New Adventure

So April 5Th Marissa got something that she has been so excited about. BRACES! Why was she so excited, you ask? Well all her friends were getting them and she really wanted the colors and all the "FUN" that goes with having braces. The pictures don't lie she just smiled about it. Until afterwards... They hurt mom, I can't eat mom... Why do they hurt so bad. Well it is helping move your teeth so they are totally straight. Oh the tears that came once reality set it. She is doing much better it has been a whole week. She can even play the Clarinet and Sax with them on her teeth. Something she was really worried about! I am just so excited to have insurance that pays most of the cost for her straight teeth. And she still has a beautiful smile even with the metal track in her mouth.