Friday, April 1, 2011

What a great day. Marissa had her first Parade performance. She started taking Irish Dance about 5 months ago and has LOVED every minute of it. We can't get the smile off her face when she is at dance. She has WONDERFUL teachers and is really enjoying learning new dances. She is just one dance away from starting hard shoe which she is a bit nervous about. She has watched the riverdance and sees how fast people move their feet and she is like really they think I can do that! She learns really fast so it will be fun to watch. Alton and I walked behind the dance troop so that no little kids got lost. It was fun Alton was in his Kilt and EVERYONE loved his walking stick with the boot on the bottom. We really had a blast this day. More pictures and updated info to come. The other pictures are from the Play Beauty and the Beast. Marissa was in this as a one of the napkins from the be our guest part and also a villager from the gaston song. She had a blast but personally I am glad it is done as it is EXTREMELY time consuming! It was great to go watch her a few times and really was a great experience for her.

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