Thursday, September 4, 2014

Man it has been a while!

Well it is interesting how fast time flies by and you just look back and wonder how it can go so fast. When I pulled up our blog to see if it still existed I was surprised it was still here. Things have changed a ton since I did this blog 3 years ago. The kids just went back to school and Marissa is now a Senior!!! That is crazy to me since I feel like I was just a senior at Mtn. View. My baby is now a sophomore and so with both kids in High School it is crazy. Just a little about the kids: Marissa is not very fond of school but does well. She is on the Varsity Ballroom team, does Irish Dance and also plays Volleyball. She loves to Wakeboard, tube, and chill with her friends Wyatt is on the JV Ballroom team and was a little nervous for High School but is enjoying the fun classes he has. He is also a HUGE scouter! He loves the outdoors and loves to wake surf, kneeboard, long board, and bike About us: Alton started a new job in May and LOVES it! He graduated the HVAC program in August and is really glad to be away from Praxair after working there for 18 years. He is also an Assistant Scoutmaster and enjoys scouting and helping the boys. As for me I got my new job in Feb. 2012 at Morinda and I LOVE IT!!! I work in Training and Development, I am over 3 teams trainings as well as SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I couldn't work for a better company! I work with amazing people and love all the things the company does for us. Well there is an update! I really should keep this updated more because it is fun to look back at the things we have been doing and remember those great times.

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